Seriously. I've not uploaded a song in a while and the rare chances I've been on this site was just to listen to a small song.

Aye! I'm not dead.

2016-07-18 14:01:43 by JayBunny

Hello there! Just wanted to say I'm not dead, despite me not uploading any songs for a while.

I may upload a DnB song sometime soon, possibly even today if I can.

Anyways, see you all later.

Thank you, Paco158!

2016-03-13 07:15:35 by JayBunny

Thank you so much, Paco158 for the scout! :)

I'm back.

2016-02-29 16:06:16 by JayBunny

Need a scout, but I'm back and making music again. :)

So, I was banned...

2015-12-05 11:02:12 by JayBunny

I was banned for scouting people who didn't create the music they've uploaded, even though I didn't know that they didn't upload the music they made. I'm extraordinarily mad at newgrounds for this, how was I supposed to know that they didn't make the music?

Anyways, I'm not going to be able to upload music for a month.